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What Depts Say....
“The exam scores indicate that there were some weaknesses in learning about evaluation. To address this, the advanced generalist research course has been redesigned to have an applied aspect to it. The course materials and assignments are designed to demonstrate how research methods provide a toolkit for evaluating one’s practice.”
Excerpt from Social Work’s assessment report

“Another case where ACS [American Chemical Society] tests have been helpful in identifying learning issues is in the area of Organic Chemistry for majors. In AY2007-08, student performance in this area was unusually low compared to performance in other courses taken by majors. After analyzing the situation, learning problems were traced to a sharp rise in course enrollment and poor cohesion between the two majors courses of the organic chemistry sequence (Chem 341 – Organic Chemistry I and Chem 342 – Organic Chemistry II). Steps taken to integrate topics between these courses in AY2008-09 have led to a dramatic improvement.”
Excerpt from Chemistry’s 2010 assessment report

“A new language for CSci 260 Advanced Programming Languages was introduced last spring: web/.net programming with Visual Basic. This new course was added to improve the relevance of our curriculum for an industry in which web applications are increasingly important. We also found in a campus survey on service courses (described in more detail in the next section) that web programming was in demand among non-computer science students.”
Excerpt from Computer Science’s 2010 assessment report

“The faculty noted several priority areas, but students’ overall performance with regard to content meets the Department’s expectations. Though critical thinking and writing skills were not assessed for most courses, assessments that were conducted continued to indicate that improvement is needed in these areas. The faculty plan to place greater focus on specific content areas, skills in students’ presentations, and improving students’ abilities to work well in teams. For instance, the faculty member teaching MRKT 450 plans to implement smaller team sizes to improve group dynamics. One of the faculty members teaching MRKT 305 plans to restructure the marketing plan assignment. The faculty member teaching MRKT 311 plans to better instruct students on how to provide examples of certain sales related phenomena. The faculty member teaching MRKT 405 will provide greater instruction regarding the integration of information sources into brand and product related recommendations.”
Excerpt from Marketing’s 2010 assessment report

"As a result of discussion about the capstone portfolio, it was decided to terminate the capstone portfolio after December 2010 and replace it with a Capstone course to be offered during student teaching. The change came as a result of a committee’s work for over many months and also meets a University of North Dakota Essential Studies requirement. In addition, it was also suggested that the T&L Department develop a 5 year plan for teaching to make sure all critical assessments are met by every student.”
Excerpt from Teaching and Learning’s 2010 assessment report


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