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Voices of the Valley

Information about 2019's Writing Project

For more information about our nonprofit community writing project or to submit stories for this year's event,
please contact Emily Hill or Erin Kunz or  learn more about our organization here .

Writing Stories: Voices of the Valley started as a nonprofit community writing project in the fall of 2013, thanks to a generous grant from the Knight Foundation. We were charged with the task of bridging the gap between the millennial and elderly generations in the Grand Forks region, and to accomplish this venture, we set up collaborations between millennial writers and senior citizens to listen, record, and write the stories of those living in the valley. After printing and selling the bound collections, we donated the proceeds to the UND Writers Conference in effort to contribute to the local creative arts. In our second year, we changed our subject to immigrants, refugees, and New Americans in the valley region and donated the proceeds to the Global Friends Coalition in Grand Forks. Both collections were featured at the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 UND Writers Conferences and are currently available online.

We believe that reading the stories of local residents from all walks of life helps to generate empathy and understanding. By focusing on the human element of narrative, recognizing what we all have in common, and attempting to understand our differences, we can make the Valley region a home to all. Likewise, the proceeds for this collection go directly to local nonprofit organizations that have similar missions of local art, community, and philanthropy.

Please note, while Writing Stories: Voices of the Valley collaborates with the UND Writers Conference for its annual reading, Writing Stories: Voices of the Valley is an independent organization.