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Sigma Theta Tau's mission is to support learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses. The Eta Upsilon chapter seeks to provide support to future and current nurses who are interested in promoting scholarship, service and excellence in practice. We plan to do that in a variety of ways this year. We have an enthusiastic new board in place this year and we want to encourage you to consider joining us in these important and exciting activities.

Being a member of Sigma Theta Tau is a lifelong commitment to excellence in nursing. In addition to the variety of activities planned by Eta Upsilon, the benefits of membership in Sigma Theta Tau International include journal subscriptions, career development, mentoring programs, networking opportunities, continuing education, opportunities to attend research conferences and receive scholarships and grants.

As a member, there are a variety of ways to get involved. Your ideas and enthusiasm are needed! Please consider joining us by:

*Becoming a board member:

We have a few open positions and would really like to have representation from students and practicing nurses in the community. If you have been a past board member we need your expertise. If you are considering being a new board member, we need your fresh ideas! Please contact Rhoda Owens (

*Serving on a planning committee:

There are already chairs in place for each of these events, but extra help is always needed with induction, Corey-Heyse Lecture Series and service projects. Please contact a board member if you'd like to get involved.

*Participating in activities:

If you're not ready to be on the board or a committee, we ask that you make a commitment this year to attend the events we have planned.

*Remember: Once you are inducted into STTI, you are a member for life. It's as simple as updating your membership on the website and paying your yearly membership dues.

Please feel free to contact anyone on the board for more information about events or involvement. We're looking forward to an exciting year!


Your Eta Upsilon Board:

President: Rhoda Owens,

Vice-President: Gayle Roux,

Secretary: Brenda Useldinger,

Treasurer: Stacie Olson,

Governance/Induction Chair: Dawn Denny,

Faculty Counselor: Joni Tweeten,

Leadership Succession Chair/Publicity: Gayle Roux,

Awards/Research chair: Open