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Diana Rosinus

The Poet/The Fisherman
for Dean Kostos

Your tool sharpens, learns
how to slice, to
squish out the juice
and fibrous guts, jellied
webbings of seeds
dribble out at your
mercy, your cosmic fire
coiled and contained—
something free, something
possibly new, or nearly
reaching the source
that is echoing: fresh
and familiar, a childhood
song, a light left
on by a fisherman
bobbing, near then away
again, anchored ashore—
bare sinew and metal
sharp fragments
of bone, all transfixed
by your own sweet accord.



BIO: Diana Rosinus is a writer and painter based in the San Francisco Bay Area,
where she is a graduate student in creative writing at San Francisco State University.
Her play Melody & Flora recently won the second place prize in the Highsmith Drama
Award. Diana is the Assistant Poetry Editor for Fourteen Hills and an aspiring graphic