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North Central Region

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The North Central Region is made up of the following schools: Berthold Public School, Leeds Public School, Our Redeemers Christian School, Sawyer Public School, and Velva Public School. Vicki Olson is the director for the region.

Junior Division Projects

M&M: The Survival Challenge
Ethan Schepp
Can Adults Pass a Middle School Science Test
Jesica Jespersen
Investigating the Mpemba Effect
Ashley Vollmer
 Robots and Ultrasonic Sensors
Evan Follman
Pop Can Heater
Noah Christman
Mentos and Cola
Kordell Loewen
Oil Spills
Rachel Mack
Did You Hear That
Emma Howe
Germs - All Juiced Up
Sam Pfennig
Golf Balls
Nathan Elverud
How To Make Grass Not Grow So Fast
Keaton Nelsen


To Prevent Algae Growth
Arnikka Thompson
Destiny Herr
Cold or Hot
Kylie Hildre
Static or No Static
Elijah Hackman

Senior Division Projects

What “Eye” See
Micayla Erdahl
Multi-tasking - Efficient or Bust
Cora Pfenning
Forensics: Can You Predict the Spatter?
Bryce Florence
Color Destroyer
Madison Bodine
Boat Hulls
Adam Fisher
Best Materials for Sound Barriers
Levi Massine
Are Green Detergents Safer for the Environment Than Conventional Detergents
Katelyn Nelsen
A Novel Simple Identification Method for Urinary Stones
Paul Eapen
The Effects of Theobromine, Theophylline, Paraxanthine, and Glucose on the Adenosine Circadian Cycle
Wyatt Limke 
What’s In My Yogurt
Richelle Darling
Vortexing Magnetic Fields
Preston Miller


How Music Affects the Human Body
Courtney Bubach
Super Taster Super Picky
Cassidy Peterson
Distance vs Depth
Casey Thomas
Solar Powered Phone Charger
Shad Vedaa
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