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Welcome to the Felege Wildlife Lab 


Research Interests

  • Gamebird ecology and management
  • Mesomammal population sampling techniques, population dynamics, and behavior
  • Predator-prey community dynamics through simultaneous study of predators and prey
  • Issues associated with predator management for game and imperiled species
  • Avian nest predation and behavior, particularly through the use of 24-hour camera monitoring
  • Human-wildlife conflict including minimizing wildlife damage, wildlife management in agricultural systems, and management of wildlife with energy development
  • Application of new techniques and technology in Wildlife Ecology
  • Application of quantitative and spatial tools [GIS] to study wildlife conservation issues
  • Application of adaptive management and structured decision making


  • Biol 121 - Introduction to Fish & Wildlife Seminar
  • Biol 426 - Birds and Mammals
  • Biol 431 - Wildlife Management
  • Biol 432 - Wildlife Techniques