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What is Foster/Adopt PRIDE?

The North Dakota foster care and adoption programs follow the PRIDE Model for the training and assessment of all individuals interested in becoming foster or adoptive families. PRIDE is an acronym for Parents Resource for Information Development and Education.

This program offers a competency-based, integrated approach to recruitment, family assessment, and pre-service training. Through a series of at-home consultations and competency-based training sessions, prospective families have an opportunity to learn and practice the knowledge and skills they will need as new foster parents and adoptive parents. The readiness of families to foster or adopt is assessed in the context of their ability and willingness to meet the five (5) essential competencies listed below.


This training curriculum is designed as a nine (9) session course with each session being three (3) hours in length. This twenty-seven (27) hour course of training is considered an introduction to issues related to fostering and adopting. In the state of North Dakota it is a requirement that all licensed foster and adoptive parents will complete the PRIDE Pre-service Training program.

All nine modules of this training relate directly to the one of the five (5) PRIDE competencies which are identified as primary needs for a foster and/or adoptive family working with children and youth who enter into care. Those competencies include:

Protecting and Nurturing Children
Meeting Children's Developmental Needs and Addressing Developmental Delays
Supporting Relationships between Children and their Families
Connecting Children to Safe, Nurturing Relationships Intended to Last a Lifetime
Working as a Member of a Professional Team

Upon completion of this PRIDE pre-service training it is the expectation that all resource families working with children and youth who enter care will have the knowledge to better understand the behaviors and emotional issues those children entering care might exhibit.


The PRIDE Core training addresses essential competencies that all foster families need to continue to develop. PRIDE Core is a training program of nine (9) modules that build on the knowledge and skills presented in the PRIDE Pre-service training. Each PRIDE Core module is comprised of one or more sessions, and sessions are two to three hours in length.   These sessions are designed to provide additional information that foster and adoptive families can benefit from as they work with children and youth who are involved with a foster care or adoptive placement.


The PRIDE Advanced and Specialized modules provide additional training opportunities to further build skill and knowledge. PRIDE Advanced Modules build upon core competencies and Foster PRIDE Specialized Modules address competencies designed to prepare foster parents for a certain area of expertise. Like Core Modules, the Advanced and Specialized Modules are comprised of one or more sessions and the sessions are three hours in length. Two examples of the Advanced PRIDE Modules available are Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence and Working Together to Improve Educational Outcomes for Youth in Care. Examples of two Specialized PRIDE Modules available for caregivers of adolescents include Teens in Care: Supporting Attachment and Preparing Youth for Successful Adulthood.