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Fire Safety Training

Normalcy Training: Reasonable & Prudent Parenting Standard

Video link is temporarily down. Please check back as we are working to resolve this issue.

This training was created for foster parents and child welfare workers to learn more about the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard and how to ensure youth in foster care are offered normalcy activities.

Begin this training by watching the following video:

The training video will not allow you to directly access the quiz.

Once you finish watching the video:

  1. Click “Back Button” upper left corner of your screen to access the normalcy training page
  2. Click on this quiz link Upon successful completion of the quiz, an email will be sent to you indicating you completed the 1 hour training.

Resource Parent Training on Confidentiality

Confidentiality of foster children, their families, & our licensed foster parents is essential in protecting the privacy of individuals associated with our child welfare system. As a foster parent you are being entrusted with someone else’s private information & must keep such information private. Today’s society is quick to engage on Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, & more. These natural social media outlets are not always appropriate when you have a foster child in placement. A foster child’s privacy is paramount! This presentation will provide listeners an overview of state law, rule & policy specific to maintaining the confidentiality of foster children.

If you would like foster parent continuing education credit for viewing this training, please contact your licensing worker. Click on the link below to watch the one hour video:

Foster Care Confidentiality

Resource Parent Webinar Recordings

Recorded Webinars can be viewed as ongoing educational opportunities. To receive credit for viewing the recording, we encourage you to discuss and create a plan with your licensing agent. Each of the following sessions is approximately 1 hour in length.                                                                                    

Introducing to Foster Families to Substance Use Disorders in Pregnancy

Trainer: Dr. Maridee Shogren (originally recorded 04.29.2019)
PowerPoint Presentation
Potential Effects Table               

Learn the Signs. Act Early.                                         

Trainer: Hilory Liccini (originally recorded on 05.20.2019)
Presentation PowerPoint               

Practical Strategies to Support Development Through Daily Routines

Trainer: Dr. Rebecca Foster (originally recorded 06.17.2019)
Presentation PowerPoint

Practical Tools To Increase Compassion Satisfaction and Ward Off Compassion Fatigue

Trainer: Robin Landwehr (originally recorded 07.01.2019)
Presentation PowerPoint