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Supervisor Training

Leadership Academy for Supervisors

The Leadership Academy for Supervisors will be starting its 2nd Cohort in February of 2018. The Leadership Academy for Supervisors ( LAS) is a blended learning program for experienced child welfare supervisors. The core curriculum consists of six online modules each followed by a face to face or webinar activities, (Leadership Academy for Supervisors Learning Network or LASLN), where participants can network with facilitators and other learners to discuss and reinforce what has been covered in the previous module. The curriculum entails 30 contact hours of training and includes two tracks: a personal learning plan to develop leadership skills and a change initiative project to contribute to a system change within the agency.

North Dakota has completed their first cohort of the Leadership Academy for Supervisors with nine participants successfully completing all of the modules and creating change initiative projects that have supported North Dakota’s Jurisdictional Change Initiative: “Building our Child Welfare Systems Capacity Through Supervisory Mentoring and Training. “

The LAS is a free web- based leadership training for experienced child welfare supervisors. We make every effort to schedule the face-to-face sessions around the County Supervisor’s meetings in Bismarck to reduce the time commitment and travel expenses.  There is a commitment needed by the individual as well as the agency to support the process and the requirements.

 The participants of the first cohort celebrated their Graduation on November 1, 2017. The following are quotes by recent graduates:

The energy, input, ideas and excitement from others in the training was very motivating and supportive”  

Very valuable information in each section that pertains to everyday supervision that can be incorporated with all staff, not just Child Welfare”.

This was helpful in building and developing my skills, give new ideas, to help create goals as a supervisor for the team.

Thank you for offering this opportunity to learn and grow as a supervisor. Before starting this class, I had a lot of self-doubt because I had never been in a leadership role. I now have the framework to support my change process and the tools I need to make changes as they arise.”

This group was so energized by the project that they have requested ongoing contact with their group in order to further their initiatives and to maintain the support that they have received during their experience.

Attached you will find an application for our 2nd Cohort of the Leadership Academy for Supervisors.  We encouraged your most experienced supervisors to apply for this nine-month program. Our kickoff session will be held on February 8, 2018 in Bismarck, with the anticipated graduation in October of 2018.  Applications are due by January 12, 2018.  Please send all applications to:  Rachel Behm, UND CFSTC Training Coordinator @


Foundations of Supervision  

The UND Children and Family Services Training Center acknowledges the importance of supervision in child welfare and we believe that good supervision can lead to better recruitment, training and retention of quality workers leading to better outcomes for children and families.  The Training Center has been working closely with the Children and Family Services Division to develop a comprehensive training for supervisors and is pleased to announce that Child Welfare

Supervisor Foundation Training will be offered starting in February of 2018. Child Welfare Supervisor Foundation Training will consist of four sessions offered in 2018:  Administrative Supervision, Educational Supervision, Leadership in Supervision, and Clinical Supervision.  Administrative Supervision will be held on Wednesday, February 7th, from 9-4 and on Thursday, February 8th until noon

In the first session, participants can expect to learn more about: 

  • Transitioning to the role of a supervisor and how to respond effectively toward the staff and their needs. 
  • Identifying their own leadership style and now to enhance their leadership effectiveness. 
  • Using power effectively to influence staff 
  • How to build /maintain group cohesion in their units
  • Assessing the stage of development their team is in and how to facilitated development
  • Managing conflict effectively 
  • Providing effective feedback to employees while enhancing performance. 

Another important aspect to Supervision Training is the idea of Transfer of Learning: taking the information that we learn back to our agency and implementing it into our daily practice. How many of us attend training with every intent on making changes in our practice and approach, only to get back to our office and due to time and demands, simply do things the “same old way”. To practice Transfer of Learning there will be a webinar scheduled for participants 4-6 weeks after the session in February to talk about how we have implemented the changes at our agency. This will also provide us with time to discuss and receive support from other supervisors about barriers, what has worked, and what has not. Allowing us another opportunity to learn from each other.   

Register by clicking on the following link: - and - family - services - training - center/calendarregistration.php?id=846


An additional three more sessions will be coming in 2018: Educational Supervision, Leadership in Supervision and Clinical Supervision. 

Any questions about the training or details should be directed to:

Rachel Behm, UND CFSTC Training Coordinator