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Child Welfare Supervisors



Supervision influences just about every aspect in the Child Welfare arena. Supervisors set the tone and expectations in the work environment; they ensure how policies are followed, and what practices are used. Supervision has been shown to be the single biggest influence on employee retention. However, many supervisors, while chosen for the position of a supervisor based upon their good work as a caseworker, don't receive formal training in supervision and rarely is the transition from caseworker to supervisor an easy one. Now as supervisors, the work must get done by providing support, guidance, and coaching of staff. The UND Children and Family Services Training Center and the Children and Family Services Division of the Department of Human Services have long believed that effective supervision leads to be better outcomes for children and families.   The training and development of Child Welfare supervisors is a key component to the recruitment, training and retention of quality workers which leads to those positive outcomes.

This website page is designed to provide Child Welfare Supervisors with training opportunities and resources in order to support them and the work that they do.