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2019 Children & Family Services Conference

July 23rd-25th, 2019 at the Ramkota Inn in Bismarck, ND

2019 Conference Brochure
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  Conference Speaker Handouts:

Tuesday Plenary: Advancing Practice with Families Impacted by Caregiver Substance Use
with Jade Woodard

B-1 Building Safety When Parents Use Substances with Jade Woodard

A-2/B-2 Adolescent SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment) with Shannon Christianson & Rori Douros

A-3 Expressive Writing-It May Help to Move Past a Traumatic Event or Life Stressor with David Conrad
1. Expressive Writing
2. Expressive Writing Tips
3. Expressive Writing Practice Exercise
4. Recovering from Emotional Trauma
5. Self-Care Survey

A-4/B-4 Cultural Competency & Communication with Stephanie DeCoteau

A-5 Transition Aged Youth: Building Community Connections with Christina Hemmer & Tom Kopp

B-1 Impacts and Implications of Prenatal Substance Exposure with Jade Woodard

B-3 Relaxation: Identifying helpful activities, recognizing the obstacles to utilizing them and taking steps to overcome them with David Conrad
1. Exercise Relaxation 2019 ND conference
2. Exercise Relaxation Techniques
3. Exercise Relaxation Benefits
4. Bruce Perry on Self-Care Relaxation Training
5. Trauma Stewardship Quote

B-5 Students in Transition: Services for Homeless Youth with Sherrice Roness

C1 Psychotropic Medications: A Review for Patients, Guardians, Advocates, and Care Providers
with Dr. Andrew McLean

C4 Infant Safe Sleep: Child Welfare's Role with Jenn Grabar and Sarah Massey

D1 Shared Decision Making with Dr. Andrew McLean

 Wednesday Plenary: Neurobiology of Addiction with Dr. Andrew McLean