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User Accounts

Accounts on CRC HPC clusters and file management servers are based on user's Campus Connection accounts.

Account access to CRC clusters and servers is an additional privilege that must be specifically requested from the CRC. To have CRC privileges enabled, send an email message to Aaron Bergstrom (See contact info at bottom of page) containing the following information:

  1. Your Campus Connection ID (usually the first part of your university email address).
  2. Your Preferred University Email Address
  3. Work Phone Number
  4. Name of Research Project
  5. Description of Research Project

If you're a student researcher, include the following additional information:

  1. Name of: Faculty Adviser or PI of Research Project
  2. Local Phone Number

You can request access to the following CRC Systems:

  1. Hodor - Linux/InfiniBand Cluster
  2. Sallah - WinHPC 2008 R2 Cluster
  3. Winterfell - GIT Code Repository
  4. Globus Online - GridFTP

Access to the CRC Visualization system can be scheduled as needed. Contact Aaron Bergstrom for details.