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Eta Upsilon Research Award

A call for a research grant award from Eta Upsilon chapter is typically made in the spring of each year. Awards range between $750 to $1,500. To submit a proposal, refer to the guidelines listed below, complete an application form, and submit all documents by the deadline to the address below.


Criteria for Awarding Grants:

A. Applicant Criteria

Formal preparation in the conduct of nursing research

Baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing or nursing student enrolled in a higher degree program in nursing with direct supervision of a qualified advisor/mentor meeting above criteria

B. Preference will be given to active Sigma Theta Tau Eta Upsilon chapter members, other attributes being equal

C. Competitive Basis for Fund Allocation

Quality of written proposal

Contribution of the research proposed to nursing science and public benefit

Research proposal budget

Research fund budget and number of proposals submitted

D. The grant proposal must include the following:

The application form

Proposal: 3 single-spaced pages that include the title, study purpose, background/significance, specific aims/research questions, theoretical framework, methods, data analysis and plan for dissemination of knowledge to the nursing community. References/Bibliography are not included in the three-page limit.

Budget: 1 page, itemized, must include justification of all items requested, the budget should be for a maximum of 12 to 18 months

The CV of the principal investigator (and as appropriate, any co-investigators or the research advisor)

Evidence of regulatory compliance (approved or pending approval), e.g. IRB, Human Subjects Education, Biosafety Committee approval

Evidence of institutional approval should be provided, e.g. UND Proposal Transmittal Form

E. The maximum amount to be awarded an applicant is $1500. Money will be disbursed to the principal investigator in semi-annual installments unless submitted receipts/invoices justify a lump sum payment. Please note that this money may be reportable on your income tax documentation.

F. The grants are awarded once a year. The deadline for application is March 4th, 2019.

G. Progress reports are required September 15th. A final report is required upon completion of the project

Questions, completed application, and supporting materials should be submitted to:

Rhoda Owens

STTI Research Committee Chair