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At a school the size of the University of North Dakota, it is important for new students to find their place within the college community. As a member of the Pride Marching Band, you will be surrounded by friends before classes even begin. This "family" will provide a valuable support system throughout your college career, helping you adjust to life in Grand Forks and create life-long friendships. You will have instant study partners, as members of the Pride Marching Band represent almost every academic unit at the University.

Are only music majors in the Pride?

Far from it! Only around 30% of the Pride is made up of music majors. The Pride's membership is a broad representation of degree fields from across campus - from aviation to nursing.

How can I join The Pride of the North?

All you need to do is contact Robert Brooks by clicking here and then register for the class MUSC 272. Or you can contact Mr. Brooks @ 701-777-4396 or email.

Is there a tryout?

There is no tryout to be in the Pride. There will be part assignments the first day of band camp.

Does it cost to be in the Pride?

There is a $100 student fee per semester to be in the Pride of the North Bands. However, you do get all of the fee back plus a lot more during the year! The fee covers the following: your own Pride jacket, pants, polo shirt, t-shirt, backpack and baseball cap all with the UND Pride logo, catered lunches and beverages at all the home football games, per-diem for meals on trips, a CD of the years music, a banquet meal at the end of the year, and a hockey and/or basketball jersey if you wish to be in one of those ensembles in the spring semester. You will need to provide your own marching shoes and a dry cleaning of your marching uniform coat and pants before uniform turn-in.

Does the band have instruments for me to use?

Yes we do. We have almost every kind of instrument available to rent for $35 a semester. The Drumline is not assessed this fee.

How much time does it take?

Not as much as you think! Students have taken 21 credits and still been in marching band. Rehearsals are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:10-5:40PM, with some extra rehearsals for the Drum Line and Color Guard. In addition to regular rehearsals, we perform at all home games and also travel to one or two away games with the football team. We pride ourselves on being an exciting and integral part of the UND Football weekends!

What if I've never been in a marching band before?

No problem! The Pride is made up of individuals who come from large marching band programs, some from parade or pep bands, some who march with competitive drum corps and many who have never participated in a marching band before. As long as you are interested in being a member of a great organization, you will enjoy the "Pride of the North" Marching Band.

What if I don't play a wind or percussion instrument?

We have positions for all students interested in becoming a member of the Pride. If you don't play an instrument but have an interest in the Pride, you can become a member of the Pride's color guard.

What student leadership positions are available?

The Pride is a student-centered organization that prides itself on the opportunities it offers to all members who wish to become active and productive leaders in the band and in the the community. Positions range from section leaders and drum majors to equipment staff, librarian staff and personnel staff.

Can I only play in The Men's Hockey Band?

You have to be a member in the marching band to be able to play in the Men's Hockey Band. However, hockey band is not required.

When can I move in to the Residence Halls?

As long as your are registered for MUSC 272 Marching/Athletic Band, we will register you for early arrival. If you are a percussionist, color guard member, or section leader, you may move into your hall the Sunday before Marching Band Camp. The cost for staying in the halls is determined by Housing and will be billed to your UND account.  You will need to register to Early Arrival Housing on Campus Connection.