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Learning Opportunities

Located on the campus of the University of North Dakota, IF Midwest is at home in a countryside where French has been present since the 1700s. Endowed from the university with an educational mission, IF Midwest strives to serve the population by contributing to a better understanding of the French influence here and in the Midwest where it is sheltered in dozens of communities.

The process of education begins in these communities where interviews allow information to be shared and exchanged. From there, others who have specialized in academic disciplines, work to better understand the salient features of French heritage in the Midwest. Through the exercises of meeting, discussing, and scrutinizing we achieve a better understanding of the cultural elements which make us into a society, and more complete as we know all the more about our diversity.

Activities relevant to accomplishing IF Midwest's educational mission include:

    • Interviews, which bring out important characteristics in French heritage

    • Workshops for people who wish to know more about how to proceed in their understanding of French heritage

    • Heritage tours in the region

    • Hours to Quebec

    • Francophone days in Manitoba

    • Study in Quebec

    • Courses on the culture and civilization of the French in North America

    • Public presentations

    • Presentations at conferences

    • Preparation of teaching materials

    • Preparation of research publications