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About Grand Forks

Grand Forks is the third largest city in the state of North Dakota (after Fargo and Bismarck which is the state capital). According to the 2010 census, Grand Forks had a population of 52,838 and the population for the whole state of North Dakota was 672,591. Grand Forks, along with its twin city East Grand Forks in the adjoining state of Minnesota, are often referred together as Greater Grand Forks. The Red River of the North runs between the two cities. Grand Forks was listed by CNN, as one of the top 100 communities to live in. Grand Forks does not have a very diverse population, but the people are "North Dakota Nice".

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City of Grand Forks

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Cities Area Transit

Grand Forks has a very short commute time. The Cities Area Transit is the public bus transportation which you can use to go to off-campus locations (mostly for shopping) from stops on University Avenue. You can use the UND Campus Shuttle to commute within campus.

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All the major chain stores are located on the south side of Grand Forks. There are several grocery stores where you can buy vegetables and other items. There are however, only two small International stores where you can buy Indian spices and ingredients. There are no Indian restaurants in Grand Forks and the nearest ones are in Fargo (70 miles away).


Grand Forks is on US Central time zone. North Dakota practices the custom of Daylight Savings when clocks are adjusted forward by an hour at the start of spring and adjusted backward in autumn. Daylight savings allows for longer daylight hours, especially in the evenings in summer, when sunset is around 9:00pm but it complicates timekeeping and takes some getting used to!

Grand Forks is 10.5 hours (or 11.5 hours) behind Indian Standard Time.


Grand Forks has four distinct seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. As the landscape is very flat (river valley) and there are no mountain ranges, Grand Forks is exposed to bitterly cold Arctic winds and the city experiences long, cold, and snowy winters with temperatures sometimes going below -20F. In sharp contrast, summers are warm to hot, and sometimes humid with thunderstorms. Spring and fall are relatively short seasons.