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Michael Lopez


Because there is no need for tomorrow,
I can tell you what I wanted to say.

That the heart is an organ that beats and flows
rich with blood;

that the riches of the world are always yours and kept
within the sanctity of the moment; a single moment
contained within atoms. That atoms live and die and dream.

Because what are we without dreams?

You were a dream I had once. It was an old dream. Filled with
the possibilities of yesterday's and crowned with the thorns of
impossibility. I lived my life in impossibility –

there is no other way to be. Everything in the world that is worth
gold can be burned in the furnace of time and hope. Time burns
hope, but hope can outflame time. Its richness is apparent,

even now. Even when there is no need for tomorrow. Even without


December 4, 2011




Michael Lopez is a lawyer in California, where his practice focuses on litigation.