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Timothy B. Dodd


Is it with loneliness or excitement that I look out
into the night from my carriage window, waiting
for the train to leave the station, darkness punctured
by only a few lights, their dim glow juggling death
and eternity and Rembrandt. Rumbling through
the station, a coal train on another track, weighed down
by industry and its own burning, its wheels screeching
with underground screams. Two scraggly dogs hump
to the noise and a grey-haired depot worker plugs
his ears, logs departures in a tatty book. At my side
a pregnant woman stares at me like I did it. Do we head
for a new country? Or should I offer a plum to her
before we disappear?



Timothy B. Dodd is from Mink Shoals, WV. His writing has appeared in Yemassee, Main Street Rag, The William & Mary Review,
and elsewhere. He is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Texas - El Paso.