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Kay Cosgrove

Hawaii is Our Living Room

After T. Lux
You ran uphill backwards
in the direction of my open arms,
the clouds and grass—
you're not just a dumb man
in this place. Everyone
is found here, wanting
to be lost in water: Hawaii
is our living room today,
it is our bedroom.
We married our shadows
in the snow, like fools.
We didn't care.
I always knew you'd be
my end, that we'd have twins,
swim in the Pacific like two
fish tipped over underwater.
I'm obsessed with mixing
your salty bloodline with my sweet.
O let's go home—our ancient home,
the one we've had for centuries—by the sea.


Kay Cosgrove was awarded the John B. Santoianni Poetry Award from the Academy of American
Poets in 2011. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Zone 3, Lumina and the T.J. Eckleburg
Review, among others. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the University of Houston's Creative
Writing & Literature program.