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Each year the Festival of Nations brings together some of the most talented and unique performers in the world. These groups travel from near and far to bring a taste of their culture to the University of North Dakota. 

Performers from Folklorama and local student acts will be carefully selected for the 2019 event.  Here's sample of the entertainment from 2018.

Wushu Manitoba Training Center - Chinese Lion Dance Team

The Dragon & Lion were initially performed strictly for Emperors and royalty. But now it has evolved as an important Chinese mythical and traditional symbol that is performed all over the world. The Dragon & Lion acrobatics are displayed by a colourful and life-like Chinese Dragon that requires up to 25 people and a Chinese Southern Lion that requires 2 man teams either free style or on 9 foot poles accompanied by the thunderous roar of the traditional Chinese drums and instruments. These performances portray Chinese culture, legends, myths and elite skills passed down from many generations. The Dragon and Lion is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness to special events & celebrations, corporate functions and cultural events.

Clyde Heerah and The Paradize Band 

The Paradize Band plays world music with a pounding and energized Caribbean beat. Clyde Heerah, bass guitar and steel drum player, provides a touch of Caribbean heritage for any occasion through incorporating steel drums with melodies and rich rhythms that sound like an orchestra. The group plays a variety of music including Calypso, Soca, and Reggae, as well as classics from a variety of other styles infused with some Caribbean beats. This fun and exciting group is perfect entertainment for a wide variety of occasions, ranging from laid-back social gatherings to parties to get everybody on the dance floor!

 Clyde Heerah and The Paradize Band

Rozmai Ukranian Dancers 

ROZMAI Ukrainian Dancers is a dynamic Ukrainian dance ensemble based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Rozmai’s commitment to the beauty of dance and preservation of the Ukrainian culture is consistently reflected in their compelling and electrifying performances. This exciting collection of young, dedicated dancers can stimulate nostalgia, create a comedic scene, dazzle you with intricate high velocity footwork, and amaze audiences with their lyrical quality. Rozmai has performed extensively throughout Manitoba, across the prairies, into Ontario, the USA, Peru and Ukraine.

Established in 1971, the Company has successfully reflected Ukrainian culture and tradition in the beauty of the performing art of dance. The ensemble's uniqueness is derived from the marriage of the Canadian experience and traditional Ukrainian roots. Rozmai’s repertoire consists of dances from the regions of Central Ukraine, Volyn, Zakarpattia, Bukovyna, Hutzulia, Polissia, and Podillia.

 Rozmai Ukrainian Dancers

Quidel Chilean Folk  Dance Group

This group will perform dances from Easter Island in Chile.