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Delta Gammas Do Good

Delta Gamma's members are dedicated and creative in finding ways to "Do Good". Each year, thousands of collegians and alumnae donate time, money and talents to the Delta Gamma Foundation and Service for Sight. Delta Gamma collegians raise money through Delta Gamma's Anchor Splash or other Anchor Games, which can include anything from golf to basketball. The college experience is enhanced by Delta Gamma's strong commitment to serving others.

The women of UND's Delta Gamma volunteer and work closely with North Dakota's School for the Blind, located next to campus. They also volunteer at the Valley Elder Care nursing home.

Each year the Delta Gamma's put on two large philanthropy events to raise money for Service for Sight. In the fall they host an event called Anchor Grill. Anchor Grill is an afternoon of grilled food, lawn games, and socializing. It is a $5 donation to an all you can eat grill out and the proceeds go to the North Dakota School for the Blind. 

In the spring, Delta Gamma's host one of two biannual philanthropy events each spring. Anchor Freeze and Anchor Splash occur every other year and each is an event the ladies look forward to hosting. 

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