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Southwest Central Region

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The Northwast region is comprised of students from Dickinson, Golva, Grant County, Linton, Sterling, Strasburg, and Wing. Julie Hein and Julie Fleck are the region directors.

Junior Division Projects

GPA vs Birth Order
Caitlyn Becker
Exercising Einstein
Kaitlyn Reimer
Popularity Contest
Nathaniel Geestman
Effects of Freezing on Cells
Juli Spilman
The Liquid Effect
Mary Hintz
Coyote Calling
Brady Tougas
Supercoolong & the Mpemba Effect
Sam Dart
Biodegradable Earth
Raanne Schiermeister
Go Away Bacteria
Abbigale Steeke
The Best Muffin
Brooke Froelich
Which Rocks Work Best for Roads
Mattie Milford
Which Soil Retains the Most Water
Adam Hulm
Nails From Your Cereal
Kurt Muggli
Safety Barriers
Mya Vetter
Bird Attraction
Taylor Hestekin
Shots Gone Wild
Colton Woodbury


Electrolyte Test
Whitney Leingang
White Noise 
Morgan Krizan
Training Trials
Sarah Schafer
Grass, Nature’s Filter
Austyn Rafteseth

Senior Division Projects

Homemade or Boughten?
Shantel Lang
Effects of Sugar Substrate on the Fermentation Rate of Yeast
Cassidy Tormaschy
How Wood Can Expand & Shrink 2
Adam Schaefbauer
Clean or Not?
Kaitlyn Binstock
What’s in a Name?
Kate Fox
Fungus Amongus
Dale Spilman
Helianthus Annuus Incendium
Andrew Hulm
Supplementing Cattle: Is It Really Worth It? Feeding Heifers in a ND Winter
Seth Obritsch
Something’s Fishy
Jacob Eberle
Analysis of Magnetic Fields on Ferro-fluid and its Relation to Nanotechnology
Christopher Dean
How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Reactions 
Savanah Canen
Changes in CO2 Output During Exercise
Ashley Tougas
The Halo Effect in High School
Tani White
Rotten Retainers
Hudson Pierce
Solar vs Distilled 
Katie Baumgartner
 Equation of State Solver
Eileen Spilman


Hot Shot
Carter Kershaw
Bakken Light Pollution
Joshua Brevik
Effects of Glyphosate on Micro-organisms in Soil 
Brooklyn Vollmer
Building Bridges
Artie Voller
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