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Southeast Region

Student in front of poster displaying charts, graphs, and photos of plants.

The Southeast region is comprised of students from Griggs County Central, Hankinson, Hope, Lindgerwood, Lisbon, and Milnor. Marcus Friskop is the region director.

Junior Division Projects

An Analysis of Household Insecticide Solutions
Hayden German
The Effects of Flower Power
Cati Silva
Bringing Saline and Sodic Soils to Life
Jeremy Liljenquist
What’s Best to Drink
Gurtaran Johal
The Effects of Natural Products on Glycine max Production
Cody Mauch
A Chemical and Biological Analysis of Lake Water Decontamination
Branden Skjoiten
A Comparative Analysis of Various Toothpastes
Hayden Boll
The Antimicrobial Effects of Wound Care Treatments
Braden Prochnow
A Microbial Analysis of the School Environment
Jaxon Mauch
The Effect of Lawn Chemicals on Grass Growth and Worm Migration
Phillipe Garcia
Effects of Chemicals on Daphnia
Abbey Simonson
A Comparative Analysis of Disinfectants
Gracie Mosher
Effect of Natural Fertilizers on the Native Prairie
Ben Krump
Bacteria in Our Homes
Davis Sunderland
A Comparison of Tiled and Non-tiled Fields
Lakin Mauch
UV Rays and Bacteria
Madeline Nelsen

Senior Division Projects

Face It
Mackenzie Koenig
The Fungicidal Impact of Detrimental Weeds on Soybeans
Grady Mauch
Stereotype Foundations
Ethan Johnson
What Should Your Enamel Be Wearing?
Paige Buck
Good Housekeeping?
Andrea Schumacher
Exploring Antimicrobial and Physiological Effects of Natural Remedies
Betsy Asp
The Effects of Insecticides on Leptinotarsa decemlineata and Solanum tuberosum
Mya Steinwehr
An Analysis of Human Distraction
Wyatt Wilm 
Cash Cow or Wholesale Heifers?
Sully Breckheimer
Bacteriostatic Properties of Tree Leaves
Tayson O'Hara
The Observation of Growth Enhancers on the Development and Meat Quality of Sus scrofa
Brennen Boll
The Natural Decontamination of Industrial and Agricultural Water
Gage Metzen
You’re Hired? 
Mikayla Kosolofski
The Insecticidal Properties of Noxious Weeds 
Carter Mauch
The Effects of Various Feeds on Dairy Goats
Marty Krump
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