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Southeast Central Region

Students seated in front of their displays

The Southeast Central region is comprised of students from Ashley, Ellendale, Kidder Co. Tappen, Wishek. Peter Sykora is the region director.

Junior Division Projects

Does Height Affect Distance of a Golf Ball When You Tee Off
David Jochim
Mystery Dust
Tyra Steinwand
 Docility Test
Austin Schmidt
Bustling Bristle Bacteria
Olivia Byerley
Launch This
Clark Thielges
Wipes in the Pipes
Casey Durheim
Fishing Line Strength
Tanner Kempf
Stop That Leak
Desa Sand
Shaping Your Thoughts
Chase Bader
Coffee Break
Mary Labuhn
How Does Tone Affect Memory 
Cassidy Walth
Bacteria Among Us
Yuliet Monatukwa
Physiological Effects of Meditation: Blood Pressure
Isabella Froehling
Rot or Not? 
Jalyn Fischer
Water Effects on Seed Germination
Madeline Schauer
Clean... Sugar... What?
Alexius Thorpe


Sweet Tooth
Aislinn Flaherty
Book Worms 
Sarah Labuhn
Stains Gone Wild
Kolbey Pahl
What’s the Scoop on Poop?
Addie Schnabel

Senior Division Projects

Solar Engine Applications II
Sean Locken
Do Magnets Affect the Rate of Flow of Water
Morgan Schnabel
What are Your Cattle Drinking?
Zachary Fischer
Emission Reduction Using an Activated Carbon Supplement
Tyler Toepke-Floyd
Column Chromatography
Kayla Rohr
Nasty Stuff on Things You Touch Daily
Logan Mittleider
Which Truss is the Strongest
Cole Ketterling
Eradication of Bacteria 
Tretyn Kienzle
Spatial Soybeans
Jacob Hauck
Nail Power
Aaron Bechtle
Dangerous Decibels
Julianna Wolff
The Speed of Propeller Blades
Rigo Martinez Jr.
What’s in the Water?
Lora Horner
Hydrophonics Continued
Rebekka Wanner
Lethal Lysol 
Kadey Holm
Impact Damage of Hail on Shingles
Hunter Pinke


Can Horses See Color?
Aubrie Demaray
Energy Drinks
Matt Rueb
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