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Northeast Region

Group of region winners posing with their awards.

The Northeast region is comprised of students from Adams/Edmore, Lakota, Valley/Edinburg, and Park River. Karen Harder is the director for the region.

Junior Division Projects

Cleaning Up
Cassidy Mindeman
Corrosive Clash
Micah Setness
Are Screw Pumps Better?
Philip Steffan
Robotic Oil Skimmer (ROS)
Aaron Johns
An Evaluation of Erosion Control - Reducing Sediment in our Streams
Alyssa Kemp
The Greener the Cleaner
Abbey Linstad
Sweet Confusion
Bennett Carter
Dirty Places
Cole Matejcek
Pencil Resistors
Jayron Salefar
Calculating the Crash-Comparison of Collision & Impulse for Different Materials
Wesley Kemp
A Battery That Makes Cents
James Fisk
Mods on Lift
Damien Randall
Bacteria Doesn’t Lie - Paper or Air Dry
Graycn Cole
Bad to the Bone
Maia Jackson
What’s That Smell?
Lane Bell
Molten Mitten
Francie Shaft


Food for the Range 
Lauren Craig
The Filtered Truth
Jake Sturges

Senior Division Projects

The Effects of Soluble vs . Fibrillar: A beta Peptide on Polyamine Synthesis in Neural Tissue - Relevance to Alzheimer’s Disease
Shelby Cyr
Fractals in Nature
Mariah Kinnebergy
Harmful Herbicides - Effects of Common Agricultural Herbicides on Human Cells
Courtney Estad
The Relative Effects of Curcuminoids on HPV (positive and negative) Cervical Cancer Cells
Morgan Ellingson
Finding Fingerprints - A Comparison of Processes and Surfaces for Obtaining Fingerprints
Selena Hobbs
Worming Around - A Study of How Food Affects Redworms
Haley Ashpole
Factors that Influence Attitudes Toward Gay Males and Lesbian Females
Courtney Duff
Rewards vs . Punishments
Margee Corbet
The Effects of Soil Compaction on the Growth of Sativus raphanus
Mikayla Fingarson
A Comparison of Cleaning Methods for Reducing Bacteria on Wooden Cutting Boards
Elli Pastorek
Rod Temperature
Jayce Moor
Does Water Temperature Change the Detrimental Effects of Glyphospate?
Kristian Myrdal
Molecular Biology of Selenoenzymes in Prevention of Mercury Toxicity
Devarshi Patel
Beating Up Bad Bacteria, The Effects of Cleaning Method on Bacteria in Water Bottles
Emily Swanson
Correlation Between Eye Color and Sensitivity to Bright Light
Danielle Durand
Tooth Terrorist - Effects of Various Beverages on Tooth Enamel
Rachel Jonasson
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