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Christopher P. Jacobs


Christopher P. Jacobs

B.A. (music/theatre/film),
M.A. (film & dramatic production criticism, TV production)
University of North Dakota

Senior Lecturer (Film)

UND English Department
Office: Sayre Hall, room 302 
Office Hours: Held in Merrifield Hall, room 122
    at 1:00 pm, Wed & Thur
Tel: 701-777-3321 (English Office)
Tel: 701-777-3865 (Voicemail)

Classes Taught

  • Engl 225 - Intro to Film
    (general film appreciation class, every semester)
  • Engl 235 - Art of Moviemaking
    (periodic class on screenwriting and/or video movie production)

Movies Editor

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Weekly column reviewing and/or discussing movies, Blu-rays, and local live theatre productions


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Feature-length movies produced and directed

Full Filmography

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 bookcover film from watching to seeing bookcover guide to silent years of cinema bookcover instant film school bookcover treasure of isis bookcover honeymoon of isis

  • Film: From Watching to Seeing , Bridgepoint Education, 2011, with Bill Goodykoontz
    • Introductory film textbook
  • Guide to the Silent Years of American Cinema , Greenwood Press, 1999, with Donald W. McCaffrey
  • Instant Film School: No-budget Moviemaking with Digital Video , Akbar Media Services, 2004-09
    • Introductory movie production textbook (self-published)
  • Basic Booth Operation , Akbar Media Services/Midco Theatres, 2006 (latest revision), 1988 (original edition)
    • Manual of 35mm movie projection for theatre employees
  • The Treasure of Isis , unpublished historical adventure novel (sample chapters)
  • The Honeymoon of Isis , unpublished historical adventure novel sequel
  • Several screenplays, produced and unproduced