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Current SUNRISE Associated Research Projects

Project Name Project Summary Project Funding
DOE STAC (05-08) Distributed combined heat, power and hydrogen systems (Mann, Seames) $119,775
DOE EPSCoR IIP (06-09) Advances in the Fundamental Understanding of Coal Combustion Emission Mechanisms (Seames, Hoffmann, Hershberger, Bowman, Burghaus, Kozliak, Kubatova, Pierce, Mann, Tande) $2,500,000
NDSC (07-08) Fuels and Chemicals from Soybean Oils (Seames, Kolodka, Kubatova, Stamp) $100,000
NSF REU (06-08) Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Emphasizing the Application of Environmental Chemistry to Address Societal Issues (Kozliak, Mann, all UND ChE and Chem faculty) $288,000
FAA/CGAR (07-08) Octane Enhancers from Crop Oils (Seames, Muggli, Kubatova, Kozliak, Mann) $380,952
Commercial Client (07) Assessment of a hybrid canola oil as a feedstock for biofuels and polymers using the UND cracking process (Seames, Kubatova) $260,000
NDSC (08-09) Fuels, Chemicals, and Polymers from Soybean Oil (Seames, Tande, Kubatova, Muggli) $110,000
NDSC (08-09) Benefits of Co-Locating Soybean Processing Facilities with Sugar Beet Factories (Mann, Seames) $15,000
EPRI (08) Modeling trace element transformations in coal-fired power plant plumes (Bowman) $9,994
NSF CAREER (08-12) Imprinting molecular chirality in Light induced transformations (Jayarman) $575,000
UND Faculty Seed (08) Integrated laboratory and modeling study of trace element transformations in coal-fired power plant plumes (Bowman) $6,000
UND Graduate School (08) Modeling of Fuel Cell Power Generators Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (Salehfar) $6,000
NSF CAREER (08-12) Formation Pathway of polar derivatives of nitro-PAHs (Kubatova) $640,000
NSF CAREER (08-12) Chemical Activity of Copper Oxide and Gold Nano Model Array Catalysts Towards CO Oxidation (Burghaus) $425,000
USDA NRI (08-11) Bio-based Polymeric Materials from Cracked Crop Oils (Tande, Seames, Kolodka, Muggli) $375,000

Total Currently Funded Projects: