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Completed SUNRISE Associated Research Projects

Project Name Project Summary Project Funding
DOE/ND APUC (05-06) Feasibility Study: Soy-Derived Aviation Turbine Fuel (Seames, Kubatova, Mann, Stamp) $145,000
ND SBARE/NDSC (05-06) Small-Scale Testing of Candidate Soy-Derived Aviation Turbine Fuels and Fuel Blendstocks (Seames, Kubatova, Mann) $51,000
NSF REU (03-05) Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Emphasizing the Application of Environmental Chemistry to Address Societal Issues (Kozliak, Mann, all UND ChE and Chem faculty) $268,000
ND EPSCoR AURA (05) Constructing a high temperature materials test chamber (Seames, Mann) $7,500
DOE EPSCoR State Partnership Program, ND Dept. of Commerce/State Energy Office (04-07) Addressing System Integration Issues Required for the Development of Wind-Hydrogen Energy Systems (Mann, Salehfar) $487,666
ND Department of Commerce/State Energy Office (05-07) Long Term Study of Underground Thermal Reservoir for a Ground Source Heat Pump at UND (Mann) $5,000
ND SBARE/NDSC/ND APUC, DOE (06-07) Commodity Chemical Intermediate Products from Cracked Soybean Oil/SME, (Seames, Stamp, Kubatova) $164,495
DOE EPSCoR Lab Partnership Program (04-08) Development and Parallel Computer Implementation of Quasidegenerate Perturbation Theory for Molecular Electronic Structure $441,339
DOE UCR, NDIC, Commercial Clients (10-07) Mercury Oxidation via Catalytic Barrier Filters Phase II (Seames, Mann, Muggli) $240,000
NSF EPSCoR IIP (05-08) Sustainable Energy Research Initiative (Hoffmann, Mann, Smoliakova, Seames, Hershberger, Johnson) $1,080,000

Total Completed Funded Projects: